It's holiday time!  And that means beautiful flowers for your table.  Order for yourself, or provide a wonderful service to our community, by donating a gorgeous bouquet to one of our selected coast side non-profits.  

ORDER DEADLINES:  Please order by 8pm Thursday, December 19th.


ORDER PICKUP OR DELIVERY:  Available at Sam's Chowder House on Monday, December 23rd from 10-2, or you can request delivery for a nominal fee of $5.   Delivery areas are within El Granada, Montara, Moss Beach, and Half Moon Bay only.  Please let us know which you prefer when you place your order.  If your delivery address is different than the shipping address on your credit card, please let us know where you want the flowers delivered in the "NOTES" section of the shopping cart.  


DONATED FLORAL BUBBLE BOWLS will be automatically created and picked up for the non-profit you choose, and they will be distributed to the lucky recipients.  Thank you for your support!